Dr. Arunkumar Badseshi - MBBS, MNAMS, MCH (1st April 1945 - 25th July 2020)


Intuitive Plastic Surgeon and Neo Agri Painter


Dr. Arunkumar Badseshi was born in Kalburgi, Karnataka, South India on 1st April 1945 to a middle-class family. He was the smartest and youngest in his family and had four elder brothers. Always smiling and eager to help everyone he saw in need without hesitation. In his early years, he showed a strong interest in the arts, including painting, music, and singing, as well as a proficiency in medicine. From the beginning, everyone who met Arun said that he was "born to achieve great things". His progress led him to do exactly that. Dr. Arunkumar Badseshi, the first plastic surgeon in Kalyan Karnataka (Hyderabad Karnataka), shun like a star from his early career.

Having been the first plastic surgeon in Kalburgi, Dr. Badseshi had a large number of students who were practicing as doctors. Dr. Badseshi was an exceptional surgeon as well as a kind person. Countless students benefited from his guidance and instruction.

Additionally, Dr. Arunkumar’ s artwork was pretty impressive. Drawings and sketches of many subjects he was learning would cover his journals. Several of his drawings were preparatory sketches for his paintings, while others were more nature-oriented works.

This website will introduce you to Dr. Arun Kumar’s charismatic demeanor as well as the admiration and appreciation that he received from his friends and family. Care to join me in experiencing what it means to be down-to-earth and compassionate through the art of Dr. Arunkumar and his Family’s love for him. Dr. Arunkumar Badseshi, 1945 – 2020


Main works

Dr. Badseshi, like everyone else, had a dream job in his mind. An efficient doctor had always been his dream job. He was attracted to this job because of the opportunity to work with and aid others in a non-profit manner. To become a doctor has been his ambition since childhood, and he achieved it by becoming the first surgeon in his community. While, today, the laparoscopic world is talking about SILS (Single incision Laparoscopic Surgery), Dr. Badseshi presented a paper on Single Incision (Sub-Umbilical) Open Appendectomy decades ago.

More works

A human being's nature is unique and diverse. In addition to serving others, a person's attention is constantly drawn to a pastime or hobby that he enjoys and that he can devote time to. Reading, writing, travelling, art, etc., are all examples of these activities.
A hobby is an activity that keeps you involved, motivated, and pleased throughout the journey. As a personality characteristic, interest and aptitude, it develops into a skill or hobby. Arun's various hobbies were painting, singing, playing chess, and doing pooja paths. In his early years, he used to paint random pictures, portraits with various colors. Painting has been with him ever since.