Regardless of the fact that Arun Kumar was not a conventional artist by definition, he established his own path into the art world and persevered in doing so - and it succeeded. He is generally acknowledged as one of the most talented artists of all time.

Hobbies and Interest

Music – Along with his medical he had great passion for music. He learnt Hindustani music and Dr. Padki was his teacher. He passed Junior and senior levels in Hindustani music with Harmonium/Mouth Organ/Tabla/Flute. He participated in singing competitions.
Chess – He learnt playing chess with the help of chess books. He participated in the chess competitions and won. Images are updated for your reference.
Cricket Lover – He used to watch, listen cricket commentary whole day in Radio/Television. He enjoyed watching all cricket games and played friendly matches with his medical colleagues.
Teacher/Professor in Surgery – Great medical professor and loved teaching. He helped lot of students to achieve their medical goals. He was Head of Department of Surgery in Basaweshwara Hospital, Gulbarga, Karnataka – India. He evaluated medical students during the medical examinations held in Gulbarga – Karnataka. Students had lot of respect for him. Images are uploaded for your references.
Reading Books – He likes to read books during free time. His favorite books detective/suspense stories were James Hadley chase and humors books of BeeChi (1913–1980) was a well-known humorist in the Kannada language.

Doctorate And Hospitality

Dr. Badseshi, like everyone else, had a dream job in his mind. An efficient doctor had always been his dream job. He was attracted to this job because of the opportunity to work with and aid others in a non-profit manner. To become a doctor has been his ambition since childhood, and he achieved it by becoming the first surgeon in his community. While, today, the laparoscopic world is talking about SILS (Single incision Laparoscopic Surgery), Dr. Badseshi presented a paper on Single Incision (Sub-Umbilical) Open Appendectomy decades ago.
In his perspective, there is no greater honor than serving humanity, which is why he chose the medical field as a career. He aspired to be the kind of hero who puts everyone else's safety ahead of his own. A doctor's job is both selfless and ingenious. Dr. Badseshi was most influenced by doctors. Another reason he wanted to be a doctor was the fact that doctors put the lives of others before their own. He regarded being a doctor as a noble profession. Even when he was stressed, he showed empathy to the patients. He understood how a patient feels and acknowledged their anxieties and concerns. He supported his patients by listening to their emotional as well as medical needs.
Dr. Sharad M. Tanga, the head of the department of surgery at Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, praised Dr. Arunkumar Badseshi as a humble and creative human being. Dr. Tanga also said, "Dr. Badseshi was the mentor to many young surgeons."
Dr. Badseshi, Kalaburagi's first plastic surgeon, had a thriving student medical community under his mentorship.
Dr. Vikram Siddareddy, a student of Dr. Badseshi and the chairman and MD of United Hospital, expressed his thoughts about his mentor, Dr. Arunkumar Badseshi “As a surgeon and a human being, Dr. Badseshi was the best of the best.” Dr. Vikram also said, " He was one of the most amazing people. His encouragement and faith in me were among the first in my life, and I'll never forget him.